Santa Cecília de Montserrat lies in one of the most beautiful spots in these mountains, on the southern slopes overlooking the Marganell River Valley. The church is one of the most outstanding examples of Romanesque architecture in the region: the Lombard arches, the barrel vault, the austere, simple walls, all evoke the profound, humble origins of Christian and Benedictine worship on this mountain. The nobility of the church has been conserved over the centuries. This is a quality that the well-known Irish painter Sean Scully ably reflects in his artistic intervention in the interior, where he has created an exceptional ensemble of painting and stained glass. His work makes Santa Cecília one of the most outstanding sites in the world for its magnificent fusion of Christianity and avant-garde art. This is a unique in which to appreciate and feel history, art and spirituality in close contact with the natural beauty of Montserrat itself.

Recent restoration: from 2013 to 2015

The restoration of the church was conducted by the Barcelona Provincial Council for the years 2013 and 2014, directed by Xavier Guitart, and it has highlighted some of the main layers of the history of the chapel, which can be perceived through the different visible layers at the sides of the pavement. The deepest layer of the soil belongs to the founding medieval times of the temple. The various modifications that the building suffered between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries have left their mark on pavement alterations. The restoration of 1863 is the one that affected most the levels, raising the north nave to make it accessible to the first floor of the adjacent house. Lately, architect Xavier Guitart has restored the building's original level, revealing the different archaeological phases of the building in the course of centuries.


Santa Cecilia of Montserrat

From 10th century to Sean Scully


Edited by: Diputació de Barcelona and Publicacions de l'Abadia de Montserrat
Texts by: Josep Maria Soler, Mercè Conesa, Francesc Xavier Altés i Aguiló, Eduard Sánchez, Xavier Guitart Tarrés, Albert Mercadé and Daniel Giralt-Miracle.
Catalan edition with translations to spanish and english.
Pages: 198.
Sizes: 21,5 x 29 cm.