(00 34) 938 777 745

  • All activities are free. All of them take place at the beautiful church of Santa Cecília de Montserrat, surrounded by Sean Scully artworks.

  • These activities aren’t just ludic neither strictly cultural but they’re considered in a spiritual and artistic environment that we want to promote from our Institute, in a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere.

  • Santa Cecília is not a lecture room neither a music hall, but a Romanesque church with capacity for only 50 people, that’s why we ask you for pre-registration ( / 0034 938 777 745). 

  • You will notice that most of the activities will be on Friday afternoon, just starting the weekend. We want to check with visitors if this timetable is suitable.

  • Usually, the activities will finish at 6 pm. If you want, you can assist to the vespers prayers at Sant Benet de Montserrat or at the Monastery of Montserrat, both places starting at 6:45 pm.

  • If somebody wants to sleep in Montserrat or stay a few days for a spiritual recess, you can ask for accommodation at Sant Benet’s or Montserrat’s guesthouse. If you prefer a freer atmosphere you can use the apartments or the Hotel Abat Cisneros, 20% off for those who take part of the Institute activities.

  • You must know that Saint Cecilia is 4,4 km away from Montserrat, so that you must come with your own vehicle or rent a taxi.

  • Catalan spoken in all activities.