The ancient monastery of Santa Cecilia de Montserrat is located in the northern part of the mountain, 675 meters high, at the foot of the wall of St. Jerome. It is a privileged place. On the southern flank there are the highest emblematic cliffs of Montserrat. The peak of Sant Jerome (1,235 m.) is the top of the mountain. On the east you can see the impressive Cavall Bernat (1,110 m.), which is shaped like an isolated menhir. You can see the silhouette of the Wall of the Devils, The Patriarchs and The Hill of the Moorish, where there is a rescue heliport. In front, the breathtaking figures of Saint Benedict and Saint Scholastica. The various ducts of rock generate natural sources, one of which is called Santa Cecilia, and is nourished by rainwater.
The environment is very attractive because the north face of the mountain, being dark and moist, creates a dense and lush vegetation. The set is on a gentle slope of the mountain, on a natural terrace facing northeast that offers extraordinary views of the valleys and the Pyrenees, especially on clear days.
The walls forming the front wall of Santa Cecilia offer various climbing routes and they’re a special place for climbers. The place is also a usual starting point for many hikers.
The building belongs to the municipality of Marganell and is located near the local Road BP-1103 linking the Abbey of Montserrat with the A2 motorway by Can Maçana.

© Photos: Ula Serra / Dani Rovira / Museum of Montserrat