The painting by Mercè Rodoreda

In the 50s, after two wars, Mercè Rodoreda opens a new facet in Paris: painting. She makes gouaches and collages. About eighty works are preserved. It is a moment of material and spiritual crisis: she can’t write a novel. She has done stories, poetry and theatre in Limoges and Bordeaux, but the novel does not come out. Her painting is based on the works of the moment of dirty art: Miró, Klee, De Sucre, Michaux, Picasso, Kandinsky... Above all dirty art and children’s art. A dedication that will open the doors of the novel, in Geneva, where her postwar narratives will emerge, which could well be considered dirty art for what they have of creatures outside the canon of history.

Mercè Ibarz is a cultural journalist and writer

© Photography: ESTER ROIG